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What is OpensolarDB?

OpensolarDB is a database with average global daily solar radiation data for each month of the year as measured on the ground.

The uniqueness of this solar database is that it is open for everybody, open for extracting data and open for introducing data.

Everybody can extract data. This extracting can be done in various ways: by downloading, doing a copy/paste on-line, by connecting to a webservice or by Flex Remote Object services (amf format).

Everybody who has data available can introduce them into the database. This can be done with an editor on-line, by uploading csv (comma separated) files (see instruction video), with web services or with the Adobe amf format (last two ways still under development). Before the data is published, a moderator will approve (or reject) the data. Go here to find out what the database principles are.

What are the objectives of OpensolarDB?

The objectives of OpensolarDB are:

  • improve the availability of solar radiation data.
  • end all ad hoc solar radation data gathering, each software tool for solar system design will be able to connect remotely to this database.
  • offer a stable and reliable data source.
  • contain radation data of all measuring stations in the world.

Who is OpensolarDB for?

OpensolarDB is for everybody who is interested in measured solar radiation data: teachers, students, solar system design software resellers, etc. Everybody can access it for free without registering.

What stands "Open" for in OpensolarDB?

The solar radiation data in OpensolarDB are free and very accessible in many ways.

What can you use OpensolarDB for?

Average global daily solar radiation data for each month are mainly used for dimensioning solar PV systems or solar water heating systems.

Extracting solar radiation data from the database

Introducing solar radiation data into the database

Last published solar radiation data

At May 5, 2018 4:40:32 PM:
Poona, India

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Data Quality

Though OpensolarDB has a data approval mechanism, the moderator only verifies if the data are apparently correct, by comparing them with surrounding already available data or with other known solar radiation data sources.

No quality requirements have been setup for this site's data. The quality of the solar irradiation data in this database is in the hands of the community! Of course it is recommended and desired to only introduce data from renowned measurement stations or from stations which at least are following the international standards of measurement.


Given the facts in the previous paragraph about Data Quality, OpensolarDB is not responsible for any consequences of possible incorrect solar radiation data in its database.

OpensolarDB is not responsible for published solar radiation data which have some sort of copyright. The (anonymous) person who introduced the data will be held responsible.


Please give your opinion about this initiative. What is incorrect, what should be improved? What do you like? Send an email to or you can contribute in the forum.