OpenSolarDB - database


Database principles

The following figure depicts in a simplified way what the data flows and actors are.

In the background, monthly averages of daily radiation data are stored for a number of years. The published data are an average of the data for all available years.

If no data for separate years are available, also averages over more than one year can be stored in the background. In that case, the published data will be exactly the same as the background data.

The moderator only verifies if the data are apparently correct, by comparing them with surrounding already available data or with other known solar radiation data sources. Omitted in this figure is the logging of all dataflows.

Within 48 hours the data will be published (or rejected). Meanwhile, the person who contributed can already access the data which he added or edited on the same PC (the same IP) from which he contributed.

Database fields

The main table of the solar radiation database is very simple and has the following fields (Fields with a * are obligatory):

  • Iso Country Identification *
  • Location (could be a city, village or area name) *
  • Latitude (from -90º to 90º) *
  • Longitude (from -180º to 180º)
  • Avg. daily radiation for each month (in MJ/m2) *
  • Description

Extracting data from the database

Introducing data into the database