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Here you can find the details of one database manipulation.

Log Details
Country Id:   BA
Place:   Sarajevo
Lattitude:   -
Longitude:   -
Year:   Average over various years
Action Date/Time:   Apr 17, 2020 9:56:01 PM
Action   Data rejected and deleted
Daily radiation:    
Jan: 5.08 MJ/(m2*day)
Feb: 7.78 MJ/(m2*day)
Mar: 11.23 MJ/(m2*day)
Apr: 14.18 MJ/(m2*day)
May: 17.89 MJ/(m2*day)
Jun: 19.98 MJ/(m2*day)
Jul: 21.02 MJ/(m2*day)
Aug: 18.76 MJ/(m2*day)
Sep: 13.28 MJ/(m2*day)
Oct: 8.46 MJ/(m2*day)
Nov: 5.11 MJ/(m2*day)
Dec: 4.18 MJ/(m2*day)
Comments:   Data are the same as already published data
Published years:   Average over various years